911, 2015

The Cycle

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Grow or Die. Scary words, right? They speak of challenge and failure. Those words have been floating around this disruptive digital economy for several years. But they are also helping us create great things and [...]

1110, 2015

The New Moon & The Milky Way

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https://vimeo.com/142062500 Resurrecting some footage with a touch of production for the occasion...

1409, 2015

When It’s Time to Change

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Giving Back to your community, your profession, your colleagues, to whomever – it’s a good thing. It creates community and it’s something we need when facing the challenges within the new marketplace. But what about [...]

809, 2015

Process, Theory and Other Things

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Perspective. Observation. Clarity. These words help me find vision. And vision is something we need in order to differentiate ourselves within the horde that’s creating images. But I believe these words are also a component [...]

307, 2015

One Small Step, One Giant Leap

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I have yet to meet a photographer who has an identical story; that is, one that relates to their ability to survive and have longevity in the profession. And you, the reader, may want to [...]

2306, 2015

Stories by Firelight

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Collaboration. New Media. Re-purposing Content. Audience Building. These trendy buzzwords are reflective of how we’ve evolved as image making pros, but what do we do with them? You’ll have to find your own answer but [...]

2801, 2015

Get off My Back

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That's a somewhat comedic line from a film titled Screamers that was adapted from a Philip K. Dick sci -fi story. A minor character in the film keeps having his personal space, in this case [...]

311, 2014


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I’ve only played it once, and it’s funny to think how removing the wrong structural piece can cause disaster in the context of winning the game. It’s just like certain jobs – they hinge on [...]

2210, 2014

The Sphere of the Blog

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Yeah, well, I never liked the word Blog. It’s clumsy. I think of Blah and Ugh and other reflections of ugly. And having heard “just read my blog” a few thousand times makes my eyes [...]

1209, 2014


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No photo talk, at least not now, not today. Found a Scathing Commentary by Bob Ford. Well Deserved. Insert power relationship here: Abusive Men/Women, Oppressive Regimes/The Population, Luzerne County judges/Luzerne County youth, Ethnicity/Different Ethnicity and for [...]

2307, 2014

Working Backwards

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I have very few regrets. One of them is found in this post by Tom Kennedy— Zig When Everyone Else Is Zagging. “Earlier in my career, I worked for a brilliant editor.” I somehow missed [...]

1007, 2014

A Quantitative Measure

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Traveling is a mindset. The fundamentals for a successful experience have very little to do with planes or itineraries. It’s kinda’ like our profession. Does knowing what technically defines an F-stop help us find our [...]

2304, 2014

New Territories

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How are we supposed know what direction to launch ourselves when we are facing an industry that evolves each time we blink? The idea of Making Great Images will always apply. That’s what makes us [...]

804, 2014

Just Say No to The Cubicle

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I’ve never been told to Get a Life. But it’s good advice and surely applies to image makers in a radically changed and visually demanding world. What would have been ridiculous a decade ago, for [...]

104, 2014

It’s about coal these days

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The last 2 years have been all about Coal, the Blue variety found at the Huber Breaker. Thousands of miles driven, a huge amount of images, video and interview/transcriptions to review. Websites to build, ideas [...]

403, 2014

Inner Circles

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I really don’t like labels. In this case, The Urban Explorer. It’s a fine hobby for those who like to keep score of their visits to abandoned places by taking photos, leaving foot prints and [...]

2111, 2013

Gagdets and Clouds

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This fall I kicked a 28 year-old habit: paper calendars. I attached myself to the cloud, started syncing dates, times and meetings, and I haven’t looked back. Even though I’m immersed in daily tech (software [...]

511, 2013

Where do you want to go?

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It's been several years since I was tossed out the door, just like a stack of week-old newspapers, by the ones who ran the world of print journalism. I felt the kick in the shins [...]

1709, 2012

Interview for Huber Breaker project

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An favorite clip found while reviewing footage for Ashley's Breaker , our documentary about the Huber Breaker.

2908, 2012

Testing VR day 2

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Today's notes: Test shot from a marathon day of shooting VR at The Breaker, lots of progress, better supporting software (still learning) though some balancing of final image still needed (sky & seams [...]

2808, 2012

Testing, 1-2-3

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Taking the new (well, used, thank you Ebay) Manfrotto 303SPH on a test run with 5 stop HDR and some 360/180 pano-goodness before tomorrow's trip to The Breaker for some serious VR...(sky needs [...]

902, 2010

The Karma of Pilfering, waking a Cyclops and Flaming Flora

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PILFERED is a place where artists, photographers, designers, and the inspired can submit their favorite visuals pilfered from the web to share with one another. Founded on the spirit of web democracy, and built to [...]

709, 2009

The Piazza and a Canon G10

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Ok, it's no surprise not that I bought a camera or that it's my first Canon.  I don't participate in the Canon vs. Nikon or Mac vs. PC wars...but being a longtime Nikon user I [...]

808, 2009

4 a.m. ramblings

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Is there really a magic hour for writing? At least for me there is and it's late, like 4 a.m. late.  There is something that happens when I should be long asleep and it's always [...]

906, 2009

Community 2.0

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I stumbled onto a blog by Lawrence Atienza when browsing for information about David Tejada, a photographer who recently gave a talk and workshop for ASMP Philly. I found his site to be ambitious and [...]

705, 2009


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I'll probably never fully understand the creative process, or at least be able to describe it elegantly in a few sentences. I was faced with the lemon/lemonade concept of making something good out of something [...]

2812, 2008

Tough Month

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It's time for another deep post, one that again touches on a personal note with a touch of the professional. I was saddened by the news of the passing of Paul Hawthorne, a photographer I [...]

1912, 2008


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I really like that word and though there won't be any services held, I thought it would be a nice symbol to mourn the passing of a publication I have been involved with since 1991. [...]

511, 2008

Another Iceland teaser

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[HTML1] I was really impressed and excited to watch a very cool teaser from the Iceland documentary John Gelety and Ben Kanes are producing about my photography. It includes a few video clips I shot [...]

3108, 2008

Being interviewed

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August is over and I'm glad. I like summer, but its end is good thing since the goals I set came together perfectly. It's usually a "down" time with very little work but this year [...]

1408, 2008

Driving in Iceland

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[HTML1] I am tired of technology. I sometimes want to go back to shooting film and ditch the computer and memory cards. The rebuild of a new Photoshop computer (should be simple as I have [...]

208, 2008

Burning in the night

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If I were twisted I would have enjoyed last night's burning. But I almost didn't bother shooting since I was tired, and very frustrated. During the last two days I was a slave to mind-dulling [...]

2207, 2008

Go ahead, try this at home

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[HTML1] John Gelety shot and edited this video of me photographing flaming plantlife during yesterday's photo shoot. The "film guys" will use some of the footage of me working for the Iceland documentary. The really [...]

1507, 2008

Burning flowers, take 2

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The real work has begun. After last week's test shoot, I discovered that this half-baked idea of shooting flowers on fire works well. During the first shoot I lit roses drenched with torch fuel. Nice [...]

1507, 2008

Going to Washington

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I like change, especially when it pushes me in unexpected directions. Until now I never intended on exposing my life in a blog, Now that I started (this being the official first entry) I find [...]