I’m sometimes thought of as a photographer whose work falls between documentary photography and art. To me, there’s not much of a difference. Everything I do needs to be executed artfully and it also needs to tell a story. It’s all part of being a professional photographer and filmmaker, one that roams the digital landscape and whose main focus is to communicate. Whatever we film or photograph needs to tell a story that engages the audience. It needs to have serious style & bold vision. That’s what I’m here to do, to find something that works for my clients and engages their market.

I’ve tried these ways in the depths of Icelandic isolation, inside the broken-down remnants of an industrial era icon that once processed coal and while filming a performance in the remote forests in the Pennsylvania Wilds or a documentary short film about coal mine fires. Though everyday work isn’t always that dramatic, there’s always a challenge when creating for clients and when sharing new images on social platforms. It may be during a corporate meeting, a portfolio session for professional talent, or shooting still life in the studio. And that challenge is what keeps our tank full as we speed across that digital landscape.

Photo by Kristine DiGrigoli

John Welsh is a photographer and filmmaker based out of Philadelphia.  Whether he’s creating still images for digital & print publications or video delivered via the big screen or mobile device, his roots are in photojournalism and he has over 30 years of storytelling behind him. He has taught photography privately, through the Wayne Art Center, and currently at Villanova University through the Undergraduate Studio Art Department and the Honors Program as well as digital media and marketing at Rosemont College’s graduate publishing program. He has served as President of the Philadelphia Chapter and as a Director on the National Board for the American Society of Media Photographers.


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