New short film about Iceland soon to be released

Looking forward to April and the 20th anniversary of discovering the wilds of Iceland. Planning a release of a short film showing a glimpse of the Icelandic experience. The mission of releasing repackaged, repurposed footage I completed in December (it’s really retro, shot in 2003 on a Sony Mini DV, then digitized). Lots of hoops to navigate to upscale the SD footage (thanks to an AI cloud based service, Pixop) into a creative narrative and a genre that I discovered after creating this  – the cinematic poem. Lots more to come about how and why this collaborative piece was created and the full release will be found at Rare Light Media. Special thanks to everyone that helped make this happen. Percussionist Jeff Willet created and mixed the score and a really nice narration was read by Icelandic actress Guðrún Benedikta who I found and auditioned through Kvikmyndaskóla Íslands, a film school in Iceland.

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